Creative Tactics: The Beautiful Passion

” But the truth is, it’s not the idea, it’s never the idea, it’s always what you do with it”

– Neil Gaiman

It’s Not Always Fun

There’s many times when all you want to do is give up, especially in a society where metrics seem so wonderful. Some moments, creativity isn’t this joyful process because you’re always in your own head. It’s challenging to simply sit still because you start to notice a lot. When it comes to the outdoors, it’s constantly changing and begging for new frames. Once you get involved with your creativity, I believe that your life has changed for the better and worse at the same moment.

Where to Begin

My best advice to you other than practicing avidly, I suggest learning through a platform. A lot of what I’ve learned came through Youtube or social media for inspiration. Outside of that, reading has been another form of kryptonite because I’m able to read from a person’s creative side. I’m a fan of Huxley, Bradbury, and Hemingway since they are some of the best writers from the 20th century. Fahrenheit 451 made me realize it’s more important to chase a dream than drain my mind with entertainment. Next, I’ll get into something that modern individuals don’t do much of anymore. The essence of creating a plan.

Paper & Pen

One of the best parts about creating a plan is that a lot of it won’t actually work. Before I went to Wyoming, I made an extensive list for ideas at Mormon’s Row. I sat down at my computer around midnight and started to study any photo that I saw from there. Out of all the keen observations and ideas I noted, I probably remembered two of them. Naturally, this’ll most likely occur to anyone. Creating a list of ideas will give you the time to understand what you’ll be going for, especially if you’re pressed on time.

Planning out for Mormon’s Row
One of my ideas I wrote in advance

Ego Versus The Creator

The best piece of advice I could give you lies within your own ego. Often times, we chase this endeavor for more likes, follows, or recognition. One of the funniest things I’ve seen on Instagram is “@johnnyapa (Made up account) and others” liked this post. What if our approach to this was simply that we as humans need humility. Not everyone is going to enjoy what you create and sometimes, you won’t even like what you create. Some of my own work that I thought wasn’t the best ended up getting featured on pages. Hence why, you should release or edit a lot of your work.

One of my favorites, which didn’t receive much attention

Finding the Heights

If you’re a landscape photographer, there’s moments of pure idiocy that you’ll probably get yourself into. Especially when it comes to shooting a sense of scale. Yes, at times we stand on the edge of the world for photos. Accept it and take risks because most times, it is worth it. Obviously, if the weather is sketchy…I wouldn’t recommend it.

Risk = Reward

The Deadline

This is directed towards many because it’s something I don’t believe in. If you follow the time period for posting a photo, I don’t find it worthwhile. Here’s why. These photos can become picked up by larger accounts such as a brand or organization, if the owner of the account is on. Most companies, I’m not expecting them to see a post around 7:30 PM or later. Yes, your audience can be active at that time…but any recognition you’re striving for mightn’t happen. This is my own opinion and if you still believe in posting at certain times, that’s entirely up to you. Although, if you’re searching for such engagement…look at your analytics to see when your audience is mostly active.

Thank You!

I hope there was value you found from this blog and enjoyed it. I think creativity is a balance for life as it allows you to be authentic with yourself. This past summer, I was able to get into film photography which I’ll have a writing on very soon. There’s a much deeper thought process as compared to digital photography. Film is a great outlet considering that each shot really counts. Lastly, if trying to figure out an editing style…I heavily recommend getting into Snapseed as it’s a free platform. Anyways, I appreciate anyone who took the time to read this post! Until next time, go climb that mountain and make some incredible memories.


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