Big Slide: A Short and Fulfilling Trek in the Adirondacks

“In every walk with nature one receives more than he seeks”

– John Muir

To The Brothers

Adirondack hiking is always full of surprises in which usually leads to either great views or nothing but surrounding trees. Most times, you get some sort of view unless you’re hiking a mountain such as Nye or McNaughton in the Adirondacks. Fortunately, I went on this trek with my friend and it was a hell of a day. Being in the wilderness all day is incredible, but there’s moments when being done in late afternoon has its perks too. From memory, getting to The Brothers portion of this hike was quite quick. If you’re looking for a short climb, I’d highly suggest climbing to The Brothers. It’d be a great opportunity to see an ocean of fall foliage or watching the sun slowly advance across the Adirondacks. If you’re feeling ambitious or would like to knock off a new High Peak, I’d go for it too.

Scarred Faces of Adirondack Range
Surrounding Forest & Mountain Layers From the Summit
Landscape From the Summit

A Gradual Climb & New Scenery

In my opinion, this hike is much better to take on compared to Cascade or Giant. Yes, you have to pay for parking but otherwise, it’s a cakewalk. Although it was during the week, my friend and I climbed this on a bluebird day. We saw very few people and had the summit to ourselves for over twenty minutes. During the trek, there became an abundance of scenery as the trail felt like it switched through multiple worlds. Between immersion with ferns and exposure on The Brothers, this hike has a bit of everything. Climbing the multiple ladders before the summit was an incredible time but I didn’t see them as necessary. I’m only making note of this considering that I’ve had steeper grades with no ladder involved. Anyways, I wanted to keep this blog shorter than most as it was a simple day. Most treks in the wilderness come with a story but this was an easier time for us. I’ll provide some details below on the hike if you’re interested!

Route Information

  • Starts at Garden Parking in Keene Valley ($10 Parking Fee)
  • Out & Back Hike
  • 7.6 Miles RT (According to AllTrails)
  • 3,126 Ft Elevation Gain (According to AllTrails)
  • Family & Dog Friendly

Thank You!

If you’ve taken time out of your day to read this, I truly appreciate it. This hike became a favorite of mine in the Adirondacks considering how effortless it is. If you’re looking for a good climb and a majority of your day to spend in Lake Placid or Keene, this is the trail. I mentioned this before, but if you’d like to beat crowds and still hike a beginner High Peak…then this is the move. Anyways, go find that next peak and make it to be one hell of a day!


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