Opinion: Hiking Sucks in Spring, Here’s Why

“Bad weather always looks worse through a window”

– Tom Lehrer

Whenever the weather starts to get warmer, everyone is stoked for summer. Although, my favorite season has to be winter. This is due to smaller crowds and more dramatic scenery. Spring is my least favorite of all seasons. I still get outside during the spring, but going on a trek is quite dismal. I’ll give my downside to spring but I’ll give some input for positives as well.

Landscape = Wasteland

My friend, Adam and I decided to climb Roostercomb last year in the Adirondacks. It was before everyone had to go into quarantine when the seasons were changing. It was a brisk day but we enjoyed ourselves and could see potential beauty at the summit. The views were incredible but something was missing. With barely any snow, everything around looked completely dead. It’s tougher in my perspective as the next change in season creates a crowded Adirondacks. Yet, when November is changing to winter there’s not many on trails. This is usually on mind when it’s changing seasons but there’s moments to look forward to as well.

Spring on Baxter Mountain

The Peaks

During the summer months, I have an abundance of memories in the High Peaks. Whether it’s from spending well over 12 hours on trails to IT Band issues from so much mileage. This is the beauty of summer although the black flies and no see um’s in the Adirondacks is an all out war zone. The summer in the Adirondacks is certainly crowded but having a lighter hiking backpack is something I’m very grateful for.

Scenes near Mount Haystack

Rushing Falls

Winter runoff creates an extremely powerful amount of force for waterfalls. More recently, I visited Kaaterskill Falls with my brother and friend, Adam. I’ve been here a handful of times but the waterfall was unreal this time around.

Winter Runoff at Kaaterskill Falls


Kayaking is definitely available during the Spring but it’s incredible when the foliage comes back and humid days are upon us. I’ve been fortunate to kayak once during sunset and it was an incredible moment. It’s something that I highly suggest doing if you haven’t tried it. Between that and kayaking to small islands, it’s always an alternative to hiking and experiencing new places out on the water.

Aerial view of a day spent on the water


There’s only one reason I’m mentioning this, even though I enjoy it year round. Unless you shoot photos in the winter, nobody understands how meaningful those photos are to the individual. My hands become extremely numb in the process as I try to capture the frames I have in mind. With summer, this isn’t anything that I have to actually worry about. The only issue is that I could easily go through my battery quite quickly if I shoot a lot on a summer day.

Landscape of St Regis Mountain

To My Hiking Friends

When I was writing this blog, it occurred to me that I hadn’t stated something. I’m speaking on the immediate transition from winter to spring. I enjoy late April to early May when plants start to become full bloom. It’s when it’s frigid yet everything has the appearance of a wasteland that seems miserable. Although, I’m looking forward to creating with my drone this upcoming summer. Until next time, go grab your hiking boots and hit the trail!


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