Photo of the Week

“No artist tolerates reality”

– Friedrich Nietzsche

My friend, Adam had suggested that I should do this weekly for my blogs. I think it might be a good idea so I’ll be giving it a test run today. The photo of the week will most likely be mine unless stated otherwise. I’ll breakdown a short story behind the photo and what I was feeling in that particular moment. Anyways, let’s get right into one of my most favorite frames I’ve captured.

Mount Jo with a side of Adirondack Fruity Pebbles

The Story

Mount Jo in the Fall has been high on the list for me to shoot. I saw a landscape shot in a National Geographic calendar which made me extremely ambitious to see it. It’d also be another Lake Placid 9er which my friend, Brandon and I decided to take on. We were lucky to get a parking space and it was an accidental sunrise trek. I recall being on two hours of sleep for this hike. At the summit, we waited it out and the sun broke through the clouds for about twenty minutes. My hands were extremely numb as I grabbed frames but in front of me was one of the most vibrant scenes I’ve witnessed. Heart Lake was so still on that particular morning that it reflected the sky, which gave a moment for the clouds to sit upon the water.


I wanted to create this frame as one of the most vivid scenes as I described. Your camera won’t always capture what you see or what’s going through your mind. That’s also the beauty of taking on photography. Normal things can be changed into a masterpiece if you delve into yourself and the process of noticing these frames. I went into Lightroom and I recall bringing up the exposure and colors for it. Bringing up the exposure and colors helped with the vivid look I was striving for. In the end, with adjustments between HSL sliders and everything else that went into it, that was the final product. I hope you might enjoy it as much as I do.

To the Adventurers

I appreciate the time you took out of your day to read something pretty important to me. If you’d like to share, comment, like, or follow…feel free to do so! I will see you in the next blog and remember to hit those trails. Would you like more “Photo of the Week” posts?


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