Photo of the Week (Taking Flight; Vol. 3)

“Wilderness is not a luxury but a necessity of the human spirit, and as vital to our lives as water and good bread”

– Edward Abbey
Reaching the Heights

The Story

Around forty five minutes before this photo, I took flight near a reflecting pond. There was a good amount of snow along the entire hike and its accumulation was quickly falling off of trees. I brought my drone to land near me and had to put my arms over it to stop snow from hitting it. A smaller piece made contact with it so it began to go up again and cut my fingers. There was a decent amount of blood on the arms of my drone and on other equipment too. This only occurred considering that a cut on a finger bleeds more than a cut on your arm, in most situations. When everything healed later that night, they looked like small scratches but I made sarcastic comments about how tough I am, as one should. Once we reached the summit, I couldn’t wait to take it back out. Shortly afterwards, I created one of my favorite aerials since owning this little helicopter.

Post Process

With limited time, I’m always trying to capture as much as possible on the drone. When I grabbed this frame, I cannot recall what I was thinking. Although, the post process was a bit different compared to grabbing this frame. Within any photo, a lot of my thoughts come through editing.

Before & After

For any winter scene, I usually always overexpose the frame. Snow is extremely bright when the sun is hitting it but I also enjoy the vivid experience you might get from this. I added dehaze into the frame which I don’t usually do but I wanted a darker appearance as well for this certain photo. Overexposure and dehaze seemed to balance it out, in my own opinion. My only issue with my drone is it shoots strictly in JPEG which allows for less room with editing. I’ll have to get into this on another post but that’s my only downside when it comes to my aerial photography.

My Weekend Warriors!

Thank you if you’ve taken the time to read this post and I hope you enjoyed the photo for the week. The drone has been an incredible addition to everything else I use to create with. Although I’m uncertain as to where I’ll use it, I’ll have it with me for my trip out west too. Anyways, go find a trail to hit this weekend! If you want to hike where I took this photo, it’s Poke-O-Moonshine Mountain. I hope you have a weekend full of adventures.


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