Opinion: The AMR Reservations

“When you have something to say, silence is a lie”

-Jordan Peterson

Is this necessary?

For someone who has been enthralled with the outdoors, I’m disappointed by this course of action. I’ll break down my own thoughts on this and open to anything that others might object to, from my opinions. The AMR (Adirondack Mountain Reserve) is planning on the creation of reserving spots for their parking. From what I read, I believe this to be around seventy. Now, let me get into why this is unfortunate and how this could effect us.

Indian Head & Waterfalls

My brother and I willingly get up around 2 AM or 4 AM for hikes during the summer. This provides an abundance of time and a moment to enjoy hiking the High Peaks. I wouldn’t say it with extreme certainty but I believe this will heavily be booked for those hiking to Indian Head. They could also be heading towards some waterfalls as well. There’s an absurd amount of tourists who come during the summer and I’d be agitated beyond belief to have them take a spot. I think you might feel the same way. It should stay principle to have our trail heads as a first come, first serve situation.

What is a 46er?

This is where I think a lot of controversy takes hold for serious hikers. Number one, how can an aspiring 46er climb during the summer if everyone is there for Indian Head? It’d obviously be quite vacant during the winter but hiking in snow is a different ordeal. My friend and I spoke about this as well and he mentioned weather. Could anyone know the potential of a thunderstorm two weeks out in advance for a reservation? In most cases, probably not. Unless you think that you’re an aspiring meteorologist.

What about our main concern?

I have always seen allowing more people into the Adirondack Park is a 50/50 situation. Yes, there will be those who aren’t great when it comes to leave no trace or simply caring for the outdoors. There’s also a chance that they’ll be enlightened and carry forward to protect the environment after realizing its beauty. I’m not certain where it’ll go from here with how others react but maybe there’s a better solution. Time will tell to what will occur and I’m hoping there’s a good alternative. At least for those on a mission to reach their forty six or truly love the solitude of nature.

To everyone:

I love the Adirondack Park but there’s some moments like this that can be frustrating. If a golf course can be set up in a wilderness area, hikers can enjoy themselves. I want to know what your opinions on this are, as I’ve seen many that are similar to mine. What could be a correct course of action?


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