NYC: Street photography, food, and The Oculus

For my eighteenth birthday, I visited New York City with the intent of creating a lot. Now that I have my point and shoot, it makes it a lot easier for taking photos. I had places I needed to hit and I was beyond stoked. From the Oculus, great food, and street photography…I think it was pretty fulfilled. I love creating more in the wilderness but switching it up is incredible to do as well. Anyways, lets get right into this trip and I hope you enjoy!

The Oculus

Stepping through those doors, the scene that unfolded in front of me was incredible. I’ve seen it so many times from other creatives and that’s where I first stopped. I started shooting photos right away once I was in there. If you were wondering, yes it feels like you stepped into the spine of a whale. It is a massive mall and there’s one place I’d recommend to eat. That would be Eataly(pun intended). It’s a huge marketplace of Italian food and there’s a restaurant as well. There’s millions of options in there if you’d like to grab some food or sit down and eat too. Since we’re on the topic of food I might as well suggest another place.

Brendan’s Bar

Brendan’s Bar is located just a few minutes away from the Empire State Building on foot. This is where I went for my birthday dinner and it was fantastic. The restaurant has redone the historic space it occupies giving a different atmosphere. It was incredible to go into such a place when most of the time they’re noisy and well…it’s NYC what should I expect?

Street photography

The only time I’ve done street photography was in Nashville, so you know I was ecstatic! Any opportunity I had, I was putting unique perspectives to any architecture/buildings I could. I stayed at a Hilton and had the Empire State Building right outside my window. Later that night, it was green and yellow for Kobe Bryant who passed on my birthday. I didn’t watch basketball but I’ll be honest, it did affect me. He was an inspiration to many people so it was very unfortunate. Now I think when someone feels emotions, the art they’re able to create is spectacular. The next day, I looked for puddles to take reflection shots and we went into Times Square as well. On this day, I took one of my favorite shots. My friend said he thought it was an advertisement for the actual movie which fired me up. Creating in NYC is fun but I definitely need to be cautious of my surroundings. I’m always watching around me now due to an incident in Nashville but I’ll never let anyone stop me from creating.

Wrap up!

In total, spending a day in the city was fantastic for creating. If I had to choose the wilderness or a city for photography, I think you’d know what I’d choose! Although, there’s still places I’d love to visit to do some photography in the city. Such as DUMBO (Down under Manhattan Bridge Overpass) and the Manhattan Bridge itself at sunrise. There’s other options too but those are my main locations! A day in the city taught me a lot, including the fact that people pick fights in bathrooms. Penn Station is really something special. The food was great and the Oculus was unreal. I’m stoked about the street photography I pulled off for the first time and I hope you enjoy them.

Thank you!

To anyone who took the time to read this and check out the photos, I appreciate it so much. I plan on having my own store set up based on my blog too and I think you’ll enjoy it. I’ll also be opening up this blog to become more self hosted to allow guest blogging. I really want to make everyone a part of this. Stay tuned and as always…adventure hard my friends!


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