Tabletop Mountain 19/46

On Black Friday, we don’t go shopping…as always we chase our passion no matter what. It was 30 degrees when we started unlike the last trek which was well under 25. Luckily, after using snowshoes for 10 miles last time, I picked up carabiners from Eastern Mountain Sports. Hanging them off the back of my pack, we started one hell of a trek.

Quick stop at Marcy Dam

Marcy Dam was strikingly beautiful for a day with no views in sight. The green appearance of the trees dissipated into a snowy white as lifted up by the mountains. My brother and I took awhile when we stopped here and shot some photos. I started learning how to vlog as well and it felt so awkward at first. I’m hoping to get a video out before New Year’s, but we’ll see! After our stop at Marcy Dam, we started making tracks!

Moody views at Marcy Dam

A steep and lengthy climb

Climbing this mountain in my winter hiking boots was very tough considering I didn’t have crampons on. I bought myself carabiners to have snowshoes on my backpack but my crampons I own are more for intense amounts of ice. My brother uses YakTrak’s crampons which actually work great. I slipped countless times and with how steep the climb was, it’s definitely difficult without the proper crampons. My brother and I both agreed that this hike was more challenging than Phelps Mountain.

Head towards Marcy to get to Tabletop
Stream running through the ADK’s under wooden bridge

The narrows

This trek was technically an unmarked trail, but it was very easy to follow in the snow. I will be honest, making our way up the mountain…the trail becomes very narrow. I’m glad I didn’t make the mistake of wearing snowshoes the whole time because there’s no way I’d make it up! After what felt like a long time, which reached the summit to no views.

Summit sign
My hair did start to freeze on the summit!

Remember this is winter hiking

Hiking in the winter definitely comes with unpredictable weather and frigid temperatures which you must embrace. We waited it out for at least a half hour while the sun teased us by appearing underneath the light clouds. We ate vegan pumpkin bread from Thanksgiving and shortly after, we began to head back down. Once we reached the Marcy Dam again, my brother and I teamed up to create a photo. By far it’s one of my favorites and afterwards we went back towards the car.

My brother: “Let’s Peter McKinnon this”
Water was still flowing!

Thank you!

To anyone who enjoys reading or following along with my adventures, I really appreciate it. I’m really excited for the adventures to come in 2020 and you’ll easily enjoy the stories! If there’s any blogs you’d suggest, feel free to email me at I might try to see if there’s any way I could have people guest blog on here this year as well. I’m certain you have some interesting stories and photos! I hope everyone enjoys the holidays and I’ll be back very soon!


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