Panther Peak: A battle against my mentality

I didn’t even want to wake up for the first time in my life when it came to hiking. Hell, I had a full day ahead of me and that’s the last thing I wanted. I promised my brother, Anthony and our friend, Adam that I’d still hike. I knew for a fact that nothing would be better if I sat home all day. Therefore, I grabbed my backpack and set off for quite a journey.

Back to the Adirondacks

The drive to the Adirondacks wasn’t too bad, considering that I fell asleep. Afterwards when we arrived at the trailhead… I could just feel the battle I was going to take on with myself. For the beginning of the hike, it was relatively flat until you make a right hand turn onto the next trail marker. This is where we began to ascend for awhile and came to a stop when we heard that cascade of water flowing. We took some photos and began one brutal ascent shortly thereafter.

Right turn onto the trail
Small cascading falls during the ascent

The rocky ascent

I definitely underestimated this hike and yes, I did look forward taking in the views. Once we kept climbing, the weather became overcast and the ascent was very hard on my legs. I went into this hike with a quitter’s mentality and it’ll always bother me. I’m not someone who likes to give up at all but my mind was torturous. I will always respect my brother and his friend pushing me on during this trek. We kept going and had to go through numerous rock scrambles. I remember reaching the summit after climbing up bare rock and it was this incredible feeling. After wanting to give up multiple times, I realized I still had the potential I’ve always possessed. We stayed on the summit until we knew to keep moving for warmth. Once this began, we made our way down the mountain.

Sign at the wooded summit

Such solitude

Trekking down the mountain felt like a victory for me. Nature really does heal you in a way that I cannot put into words. I was still hit with moments of struggle and doubt but felt accomplished. When we made it to the car, two of my toe nails were broken. Just another reason to realize it was a good journey. These adventures are everything to me and teach me persistence. When life gets tough, that’s when you pick up all of those obstacles and demolish them.

Wooden planks leading the way back

To everyone

I apologize it has been such a long time since I’ve posted a new blog. My brother and I are hiking in the Adirondacks tomorrow, so anticipate something awesome! Thank you for the support and if you’d like to check it out, I have my own photography website now! The link to the website is I’m very excited to share more adventures with everyone and stay tuned for the next blog!


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