Hiking challenges in the Northeast

A multitude of challenges have been created throughout the Northeast for all hikers. From historic fire towers, High Peaks, and shorter challenges…I believe there’s something for everyone. For now, I’ll speak of hikes located closer to the Adirondacks. Yes, there’s an incredible challenge in New Hampshire but lets focus on where I’ve come from.

Fire Tower Challenge

This could easily be one of my favorites, especially during the winter season or fall. Climbing up that rusty fire tower as it makes odd noises really makes me feel a bit more adventurous. Yet, nothing can beat feeling those high winds at the top of the tower (mostly in the winter). Although, five of these fire towers are in the Catskills, the rest are located in the ADK’s. There’s 23 towers and I think this might be one of the most interesting of challenges. If hiking up to historic fire towers is your thing, go for it!

Winter hike from Hurricane Mountain (Fire Tower Challenge)

The Great 46

I believe just about everyone is familiar with this challenge. The 46 High Peaks is probably the most popular in the Adirondacks and it usually takes quite some time to finish. I’ve hiked 17 out of 46 so far and I’m going to keep getting after it because I finally have a lot of time to do so! Some of these hikes can be extremely tough but that’s what makes you realize how strong you are. These mountains are found throughout the Adirondacks but in my opinion, the best are located in Keene Valley. If you’d like to feel all of the mental and physical pain from a hike, take exit 29 into Newcomb. I’ll probably explain why I said that in the next blog! Anyways, I should let all of you know about a smaller challenge as well.

View from South Dix Mountain (High Peaks)

Saranac Lake 6er

I really love this area of the Adirondacks and I think it’s a very fun challenge. Settled further in the ADK’s, six mountains are calling any adventurer’s name. I’ve completed three out of six and there’s only one that I found demanding. When you finish this challenge, there’s the option of heading into the town of Saranac. Located in the town is a bell that someone can ring after completing the challenge. To me, that sounds like a really neat Adirondack tradition. This so far has become one of my favorite challenges and I think any of you should give it a try!

Hike to Scarface Mountain (Saranac 6er Challenge)

Thank You!

Thanks so much for the patience as I haven’t posted a blog in awhile. I’ll definitely be writing more often and have many adventures on the way. Also, to anyone who’s supporting with my stickers…that means the world to me. I think everyone will be excited to hear about some of the treks my brother and I are going to take on! I’ll be back very soon and I hope you enjoyed this blog! In the mean time, adventure hard my friends!


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