Why do I hike?

Many people look at me as if I have ten heads when I speak of how many miles I’ve hiked in a day. I sometimes ask myself, why do people do that? What I’m trying to do is encourage and inspire people to see the outdoors for themselves. Having a sense of adventure is one of the greatest things to acquire in life. After my first couple of hikes, my body adapted to these treks and I loved every moment of the journey. You might think to yourself, what’s this blog going to teach me? Between mental health, physical health, and perseverance…I believe there’s something for everyone. In the mean time, let’s get right into it!

Mentally stronger

Life will throw obstacles at you non stop but there’s some things that’ll help with this. Maybe it isn’t hiking, it could be something totally different from that. As for taking on these treks, it takes your mind away from those difficult challenges in life. I’ve learned that putting your phone away and spending time in the wilderness is vital to anyone’s life. You become reconnected with yourself and obviously those trails might be distracting as well (depending on how hard they are). My favorite part of any demanding hike is reaching the summit for mental health at any given point. I love this moment each time because it makes you realize how small most of your problems are. Outside of mental health, it plays a large role with physical shape.

These views really help to reconnect with yourself!

No brainer

I’m sure this is obvious to all of you but I figured I’d include it anyways. Hiking works out most of the body which is why it’s very good for you but there’s always the end reward. From pulling yourself up large rocks or going at a straight incline on your legs for awhile…it’s always quite a workout. My brother and I usually workout during the week to strengthen our IT band. The IT band (located in the leg) can become overused and if that happens, pain occurs in that area of the leg. As you could imagine, when this happens during a hike…it’s not fun. Spending so much time out in nature has changed my eating habits too. Being able to see more wildlife has provided me a lot of empathy towards animals. With this, I decided to become vegetarian. This has helped with weight loss even though that wasn’t my set intentions. I strongly believe being outdoors changes people in a good way. Lastly, if you were to ask me who’s the best teacher for perseverance…I’d simply reply, hiking.

Sometimes, you have to lift yourself up rock chimney’s

Chasing your dreams

The more challenging a trail becomes, the more perseverance I gain. There’s no such thing as turning around when climbing a mountain (unless potentially dangerous weather). Reaching the top of that mountain is an incredible feeling but sometimes we have to go down too. This is exactly what happened to me this past Spring. After building an account on Instagram from zero to a thousand followers really made me proud of myself and what I’m capable of. Shortly after, I began to receive less likes, views, and in total…traffic to my account. At first, I was devastated but it became a blessing in disguise. Now, I’m here building on multiple platforms and connecting with all of you! And who do I thank for that amount of hard work and determination? The mountains. I hope they’ve taught you many life lessons as well!

Climbing a mountain with no views which is part of Saranac 6er

To my adventurers

Thank you to my fellow adventurers who follow along with my blog! I hope the information I provide is useful and encourages you to get outdoors. Time to plan some new trails to hike and I’ll see you in the next post…adventure hard everyone!


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