Adventures in the Adirondacks

How could I describe the Adirondacks? Awe-inspiring, adventurous, and a bit overcrowded…during the summer at least! The mountain vistas, challenging trails, and the classic flip flop “hikers”. Driving through Keene itself is a journey due to the expansive views that it offers. As for challenging trails…well, just take a look at Allen Mountain, Colden’s Trap Dike, and the Dix Range. I’ve only taken on one of these, which you’ll learn in a blog later on. If you didn’t know, the flip flop “hikers” are often seen on Cascade Mountain since it’s one of the easier High Peaks. The reason I mentioned this is because you need to always be prepared even if the hike isn’t that long. Trust me, I’ve been there with a mile hike in zero degrees in the Adirondacks. I didn’t use ski goggles and they’re actually very useful to prevent your eyes from freezing. Anyways, instead of me talking the whole time…let’s get into the places you can venture off to!

Mountains galore

The first is pretty obvious I’d assume as the 46 High Peaks is a great challenge in the Adirondacks. For anyone that wants to try out one of the High Peaks, I’d recommend Cascade Mountain or Giant Mountain. I think Cascade is much easier compared to Giant Mountain but it’s been about two years since I’ve climbed both. If you’re worried about becoming tired or anything, Baxter Mountain is an awesome start too. There’s also the lower 52 which are mountains that aren’t included in the 46er challenge. They’re less in elevation and should be very doable. Other than an infinite amount of mountains to be climbed, what else is there to do?

Views from Baxter Mountain

Go chase waterfalls

There is such an abundance of waterfalls in the Adirondacks, it’s ridiculous. The Adirondack Mountain Reserve (AMR) has two of the best in my opinion. One being Beaver Meadow Falls which is a breathtaking waterfall and when sun hits it right, a small rainbow appears. The other waterfall, a beast of its own is known as Rainbow Falls. This cascading wall of water is near Indian Head and I’d easily recommend pairing the two together. On the way to the AMR is Roaring Brook Falls and I’ve yet to see it up close. You can see it from the road and it’s gorgeous. There’s actually a waterfall challenge for the Adirondacks and if that’s what you like, I suggest you get after it! Next up is something that I consider underrated…Adirondack ponds.

A vintage style shot of Roaring Brook Falls

Ponds & mountain views

Many ponds located in the Adirondacks have incredible mountains standing in the distance. Chapel Pond which is located across Giant Mountain’s trail head is a great place to take in views and rock climb. If you were wondering, yes you can swim here too! Another place that I haven’t been to yet is known as Connery Pond. In the distance, Whiteface looms over the body of water and I can’t believe how it’ll look in the fall. Lastly, when you’re entering Keene you’ll see Round Pond on the left hand side. This is a 1/2 mile hike and the trek to Connery Pond is the same. Both sound beautiful and I’ll definitely see them out in the future. I highly recommend checking out one of the Adirondacks Ponds’ when you get a chance!

A calm day at Chapel Pond

Until next time

To the people that read these blogs, thank you from the bottom of my heart. I hope that I’m providing useful information and follow through with those treks everyone! I will see you in the next post, keep it real friends and remember…adventure hard!


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