The importance of hiking in the Fall

Since Fall is right around the corner, I figured I’d share some experiences and why you should always be ready for anything. Any hiker should have an understanding that mountains have their own weather (I’ve learned this too). For the most part, you should probably have winter gear on you when October begins. Both of my experiences were during October and as it goes for September, it’s usually not too bad. During September, I’d recommend gloves, a hat, and a windbreaker. On the other hand, October is a month to really be prepared for the mountains. Entertain the idea of taking a winter jacket with you, as it may be the difference from suffering or surviving cold temperatures. Basically, you should have most winter gear on you when hiking throughout October. It’s self explanatory that it becomes much colder from here on out. For anyone who doesn’t know, this goes for hiking in the Northeast so I thought I’d make that clear. I will describe my two frigid moments in the Fall and create a better understanding of the weather at higher altitudes.

Hiking Sawteeth (October 28th)

My brother, Anthony and our friend, Adam went to hike one of the Adirondack High Peaks known as Sawteeth Mountain. The weather was overcast and we brought winter gear with us, just in case. After a lookout, we had realized there was a bit of snow coming down. Nothing was sticking and it wasn’t a lot therefore, we weren’t too worried. Pushing closer to the summit, slippery ice covered boulders which put me in a challenging circumstance. I have no clue how I managed to get up this specific area but I’d say to use crampons! I didn’t have a pair of them when we went but they’re extremely useful. Once when had reached the summit, I was very grateful to have my winter gear on me! It looked as if a blizzard was striking the High Peaks yet it was so beautiful at the same time. Heading down was another hardship due to the amount of ice which is why I stress bringing a pair of crampons. Anyways, let’s get into the next story of triumph in the mountains (kind of).

Yes, this was in October!
Although cold, this weather creates some beautiful scenes

Franconia Ridge (October 12th)

My brother and I were truly looking forward to this trip so we could hike in New Hampshire. We did so, but arriving on the first day was only overcast weather. What do you think we did? Yep…of course we went hiking anyways! This turned out to be quite a memorable adventure. If you didn’t know, the ridge on this trail is exposed for about a mile. Before we reached the ridge, we heard strong winds and people began to turn back. The trail we came up was steep so we figured that we’d check out how windy it truly was. After deciding we’d go for it, I fell down once and by the last mountain on the ridge…there was a lot of frost on my hat. It was incredibly cold as we went across the ridge and some people were wearing shorts! One simple tip everyone: don’t be like them! At the end of the day, I was happy to have winter gear with me and take on one crazy trek.

Definitely overcast weather for the day
Side note: Bandanas are very useful as well!


To anyone out there who took the time to read this, I appreciate it so much. I hope you’ve learned that hiking in the Fall can be quite cold and to always be prepared. I’ll catch up with all of you in my next blog and please feel free to comment, like, or give a follow! Adventure hard, ladies and gentlemen.


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